Quess Sri Lanka’s integrated ecosystem helps identify and employ the right candidates from the talent pool. Leveraging our technology solutions, we enhance our operations and stay at the forefront, and this integrated approach keeps our innovations rolling.

The pandemic preponed digital transformation by a few years, and at Quess Sri Lanka, we are ahead of the curve and 100% tech-enabled. We use innovative app-based staffing solutions, enabling clients to easily manage end-to-end employee life cycles and more. We also create customised solutions based on the requirements of our clients.

WorQ, our comprehensive workforce management platform, helps improve associates’ productivity and engagement through digital workflow management, industry-specific productivity tools, digital supervision, robust employee self-service modules (attendance, leave, claims, HR documents, policies, etc.), and online training modules on demand.

Leveraging our app-based mapping tools, clients can propel their revenue growth and create a positive impact, thus getting ahead of the competition. Our slew of in-house app offerings, including ReQruit and POP – Paperless Onboarding, help meet the objective of streamlining data and processes in the digital hire-to-retire cycle.